Pastel color trends for Spring home decor

One of the loveliest trends this spring in both fashion and home decor is the use of pastel colors. One color in the new Americana line of paints by DecoArt is Irish Moss

Isn't it fantastic?

I think that it is the perfect tone to work into a small bathroom. Ours is absolutely struggling for a touch of this bright and fresh color to breathe some life into it.

Currently, our bathroom is a wonderful shade of cinnamon brown. It's lovely and warm, but since it's long and narrow, the walls sometimes feel like they are closing in.

Playing with a beautiful accent color like Irish Moss will bring so much depth and dimension into this room.

I picture it being used in stacked crates on the back of the toilet, which would be reflected in the mirror and instantly brighten up the room. Then, I would put white sculptural pieces in the crate to plat off the white door and molding, and maybe some chrome accents as well to mimic the chrome at the sink.

How would you use this trendsetting color from DecoArt?