Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

A huge thank you to Mel from Never A Dull Moment for sharing these easy toddler craft projects to make your Mother's Day extra special!

Homemade Mother's Day gifts from Toddlers 

We love making handmade and homemade gifts and the option of a hand print and we're game! My mom has mentioned more than a few times how much she loves the hand and footprint cards we've done through the holidays so I knew Mother's Day would be no exception.

So, thanks to Pinterest- here's a few of our favorites....

Have a grandparent that you don't see nearly enough? Send a hug!

Everyone loves flowers for mothers day; why not spend a little extra and personalize the planter? 
{note: this was a pain to do! not only did her hand keep sliding, we couldn't get a good print because it wasn't flat. Oh and as the hubs mentioned today; if paint isn't water proof what happens when it rains? Oh well, it's the thought right?}

And my favorite...

I saw something similar on Pinterest and knew this was something my mom would love. This was done on a small canvas from hobby lobby (craft store) and was very inexpensive! 

And one that I haven't tried yet but will be soon....

Mel is the mom and blogger at Never A Dull Moment.