Friday Fashion on Pinterest

Scouring the page of Pinterest is sometimes the bet thing to do when you're in a style rut. More often than not, I feel that this happens with the change of seasons, particularly in the Spring and the Fall.

Winter and Summer have pretty definitive styles associated with them here in Southwestern Ontario, but Spring and Fall can be iffy. It might be too chilly for shorts, but it could also be blistering hot!

I am in absolute love with this look that I found on Pinterest and think that it would make the best Spring or Fall outfit!

One word: layers. That's what makes this look work for both seasons. You can take the light sweater off, and roll up the sleeves of the button down shirt, or tie on a scarf if the wind has a bit of a chill to it.

And can we talk about the shorts for a second? The colour is that amazing mustard yellow that I am so very fond of, and they are flat front, which means that they will flatter just about everyone. It's the perfect pop of colour for Spring, or the perfect tone to compliment the rich colors in Fall.

What is your go-to wardrobe fix for the change of seasons?