Branding and Trendspotting with TPH Canada

So you've figured out what you want your brand to be, but how do you show it visually?

Well, my first step in creating an inspired and beautiful brand was to look at current trends. This means looking at color schemes, patterns, social media icons, taglines...the whole kit and caboodle.

Take a look at your current branding and put it through an audit.

What is your key message?
What industry are you in?
Are you using color in your current logo and design?
If so, what color?
Is the pattern or color scheme outdated?

Once you've figured out where you stand with your branding, consider looking to the professionals at TPH Canada to help elevate your visuals. They can create everything from video cards for targeted marketing to folded business cards and reward cards for your customers, all beautifully branded and on trend.

So, what's trendy?

Southwestern and Santa Fe inspired colors...think turquoise, coral, red, black, tangerine, linen
Stripes and nautical themes
Bright and fresh polka dots and chevron patterns
Black and white tribal prints

Consider using them in your branding, packaging and blog design so you stay fresh and current!