New Year New Me....a Confession

Have you been missing the updates? Wondering about how the journey to a healthier and more positive me is going?

Well...I hit a wall. I got emotional and I gave up.

I gave up.

Yep. Me. I gave up.

I know I know. I have accomplished so much, and I have come so far and I should be proud. So, why in the world did I feel like a sloth, and why in the world did I let the what's the point mentality take over?

I honestly am not sure. My husband started traveling, I got busy with studio work, proposals, mentorship pieces (a new facet to my business that I absolutely adore) and I found myself pulled in a tonne of different directions.

Then I got sad, and I got down on myself for being sad, which sent me into a spiral. I gave up.

Then, this week I recommitted myself.

And I recommitted myself to my little dude who watches my every move