The Mompreneur Conference: Recap 5

Yes, five recaps...and there will be one tomorrow for a sixth installment, but I promise you that today's recap of the Mompreneur Conference is very much worth reading.

As we sat down for the afternoon speaker, Nicola Jones, all of a sudden there was blaring music and some ridiculously energetic woman telling us to get up out of our seats and wave our arms. Naturally, we all did as we were told and soon the room was filled with an intensely positive energy.

Nicola Jones took centre stage and sat down on a high chair, addressing the room about who and what in our lives are serving us well; who and what in our lives are draining us.

in all honesty, I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know who she was, what her background was but I felt an intense need to listen. To watch. To engage.

This was going to be life changing.

And I was right.

Nicola took us through a guided meditation exercise, something that I used to do often after my Dad passed away as a means to reconnect with him. I was definitely not prepared for what was about to happen.

First, we closed our eyes and were instructed to take a few deep breaths to come into the moment and quiet our thoughts. Once we were there, she asked us what room we saw ourselves in. Who was there? What did it look like?

For me, I saw an art gallery, one that I had never been in before, and all of my paintings were on the walls. I saw my son, Owen, running around the gallery. I knew that the paintings were mine, though they weren't ones that I have created yet.

She then asked us to move to another room. I saw a long, dark hallway and I felt anxious...I was scared and confused and for a bit I was stuck there. I didn't want to continue walking down the hallway, wanted to turn back and go be in my gallery.

But I pressed on and walked through the hallway. She asked us what we saw, where were we now? I was in a room, overlooking the ocean. It was shaped like a semi circle and had french doors and windows for the walls. It was bright. It was lovely. There were white curtains blowing in the wind as the doors were open. I could hear the waves.

Then I looked out on the patio and sitting in a rocking chair looking out at the ocean was my Dad.

I was a mess of tears, but I felt so amazing. It felt like I finally had my Dad's he was happy and amazed at the path that I have chosen for myself.

If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to Nicola speak or engage with her in a conversation  please please do. She is incredible, and so genuine! I thanked her afterward and told her about my experience, and she was so happy that I shared with her.

I will be forever grateful for this experience, and I cannot wait to create my vision board this week {and share with you in the weeks to come!}