The Mompreneur Conference: Recap 3

From the moment that I saw Rania Walker from RW Speak Boutique at the Mompreneur Conference, I knew that I stood to learn a great deal. Our chapter owner, Sara, told me that I should definitely not miss Rania's session, which was all about public relations and media.

I am so glad that I decided to sit in on it, and for a few reasons. First and foremost, Rania is a passionate and intelligent women who has a wealth of knowledge and experience that I know professionally I can grow in learning from her.

Secondly, she spoke about storytelling, something I absolutely love, but from the media's perspective. Everyone loves a good story, and implementing those strategies into press releases is such a good thing.

She asked us to think about who we are and what we do? What problem do you solve for your customer? If you don't know it off the top of your head, then you may need to spend some time soul searching and figuring that out!

For me, my list consisted of the following

Home Decor Expert
Brand Ambassador

So, what does that mean? Well...I am an artist specializing in abstract paintings and sculpted home decor pieces. I can help make your space beautiful, while focusing on current trends to modernize your home.

Quick and easy, right?

But why would the media care? Rania talked about being quirky, timely, odd and different {pretty easy things when you're an artist!} and also talked about having an editorial calendar for your business, which is something that I had implemented in 2010 in regards to sales and certain product launches, but not in terms of when to reach out to the media to garner additional attention for myself and my brand.

She was such an interesting speaker and if you're struggling to find a way to stand out and make the media notice you, I definitely recommend following her on Twitter.