Philanthropy Focus...Ovarian Cancer Canada

Did you know that each day in Canada, 7 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer?

Did you know that each day in Canada, 4 women die from ovarian cancer?

Awareness and education programs for pre-screening and early detection have never been more important for this gynecological cancer, the most deadly of all cancers affecting women.

May 8th is Global Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day, and I am proud to say that the city of London, Ontario will be lighting up the sky with teal! Our City Hall will be changing the colour of its exterior lighting to teal for the duration of the day, and our community leaders will be supporting our efforts in raising awareness for early detection.

Did you know that the pap test does not screen for ovarian cancer?
Did you know that your sister, daughter, mother, niece, best friend could get this deadly disease out of the blue?

Still feel safe? Or does it make you want to learn more about the symptoms, to educate the women that you love?