Fashionista Friday: Kristine Cook Designs

We are well on our way to designing a custom dress for me to wear to a wedding this spring, and I am absolutely thrilled by the process of working with a designer. Kristine has taken a simple sketch and using my inspiration to make this piece absolutely stunning.

The amazing design that will fit my body and only my body

And our inspiration? Check out the shoes...

I know that they're hard to see, but they are a beautiful shade of purple that Kristine is working into the fabric that will be on the dress. We've changed courses slightly and are going for something a little bolder, more on trend and a little less safe.

Yes, less safe. How amazing is that?! For the first time in my life, I feel so incredible taking risks, and it's largely in part due to working with a designer who makes me feel beautiful and confident!

I can't wait to reveal some photos of THE dress next month!