Elements and Principles of Design, Unity

How does a dynamic piece of artwork make all of the elements and principles come together in one sinuous design?

Achieving unity within a piece means that all of the components that went into its creation come together in a very seamless way; as if there were destined to grace that particular canvas together and create something truly magical.

Unity is classically defined as....Unity is the concept behind the artwork. An analogy would be the way in which a conductor directs a wide variety of instruments in an orchestra to produce a symphony that is recognized as a single comprehensible piece.[3] Unity is how well different parts of an artwork build on each other. source 

How does it translate on a canvas?

These paintings are four of my absolute favourites. To me, the embody the element of unity very well because they use line, shape, form, contrast, colour and movement to create sinuous design. Each one is unique from the next, and cannot be duplicated {not even by me!}

What do you think? Are the unified compositions? What elements would you add to make them more unified?