Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers

A HUGE thank you to Melissa from Never a Dull Moment for guest posting for me today! She's a crafty mama with a knack for children's activities, especially around the holidays! Enjoy some Easter toddler crafts!!

For the past month or so I've perused Pinterest and searched Google for some options Easter craft options for Lexie {2 1/2 years old}. There are many out there as I'm sure most of you know, but some of them are a little complex, some a little tacky to me; and some well I couldn't do them on my own no less with my toddler "helping"! Then I found a few I could do, and a few I knew we'd enjoy. 

We did the turkey hands at Thanksgiving, the Santa hat's at Christmas, and the loVe at Valentines day; so it was no surprise that I found a hand-print/footprint craft I loved. 

1. The foot-chick 
Lexie is so used to having her hands and feet painted she actually request's it now. This one was nice and easy though I will admit we called Dada in to assist when she tried to run around with a painted foot. We used a yellow finger paint, let it set over night then I added the eye, beak, and feet the next day. Makes a great gift for the Grandparents, or the front of an Easter card to family. 

2. Striped Easter Egg
This one was a lot of fun, with only a little prep work I cut pieces of colored paper we had on hand, and placed double sided tape on one side of the strips. Then took a white piece of paper and had Lexie lay them out covering the entire paper. Next, I took a second piece of white paper (we used card-stock)  and cut an egg shape out of the middle {this was honestly the hardest part for me, I won't mention the numerous time I had to re-cut it}. Then you adhere the top to the bottom, I simply taped them together. 

 3. Chalkboard Eggs
At first thought you may not think Chalkboard eggs are a good toddler craft but if you give me a moment I'll explain. First the prep.
I'll be honest, I've never used Chalkboard paint and was wondering if I would ruin the thought of it by starting with this project. However, that wasn't the case at all; I honestly looked around the room after I did the eggs thinking of what else I could paint! The directions call for two coats, painted an hour apart, one vertically, one horizontally. For the eggs I only did one coat but I did apply it thick and allowed it 12 hours to sit. Then I showed Lexie...

The paint is very forgiving (and yes, I painted the paper plate too- told you I was looking for "things"!)  Lexie really enjoyed drawing on them, and she cracked quite a few and you wouldn't know it unless you felt it! 

Can't see the BIG crack can you? 

oh yeah, I did one too! 

Happy Easter! 

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