Celeb{rate} Tuesday: Research

Last month, I gave you a little insight as to what exactly goes into designing items for celebrities. This mnoth, I want to talk just about the research aspect.

Does he or she like silver...or gold...or rose gold?
Do they wear funky accessories, or are they more classic in their tastes?
Are they homebodies who appreciate art?

While yes, I trot off to google images to see what their current tastes are, I also look up articles about them, look at their profiles, websites, twitter and facebook pages.

Take Tina Fey, for example.

I designed Tina a set of wallflowers, two white and one black, so she could put them up in her office, home, dressing room...wherever.

Through my research, I saw that she has a beautiful new apartment on the Upper West Side of NYC. It's bright and airy, and just stunning. These wallflowers would be the perfect compliment to her home decor, without taking away from how open and spacious the dwelling is.

They're refined and feminine, classic and clean. They show well in any home, and are perfectly created just for her.