Making Resolutions

It's a new started today. Have you made your list of resolutions yet?

Each year, I sort of sit back and reflect. What did I accomplish? How do I measure those achievements? What do I want to improve on for the next year?

What did I accomplish?

I was able to get my work into the hands of some really amazing people. Meryl Streep, Tina Fey, Elizabeth Banks, and Keira Knightley {and her amazing stylist, Camilla Pole} just to name a few. As a measure of success, I think that's pretty huge. Being able to create custom works of wearable art, wall sculpture and canvas art was an amazing experience.

I joined an incredibly amazing organization, London Mompreneurs, and met some fantastically driven women who have inspired me to keep pushing myself and the boundaries around me.

I have landed freelancing positions with Manilla and Crave Handmade, and will be bringing some amazing art companies into the fold here this year.

This year, I resolve to stay true to my art and focus more on painting on canvas and honing my sculpting skills.

I resolve to pursue galleries, and to stay determined in have 3 gallery exhibitions per year {my ultimate goal}

I resolve to bring you a home decor how-to, each and every month

I resolve to continue to make happy accidents, pairing colour and trends in unexpected ways, to bring you beautiful works of art that you can't wait to put in your home.

What are YOUR resolutions this year??