Mompreneur Award of Excellence

We're in the final 10 days of voting for the Mompreneur Award of Excellence....I can't believe how close we are to learning who is in the top 10!

Why vote for me? Well, personally, each and every one of the Mompreneurs deserve your vote in their own right. They have all worked incredibly hard at managing their time, the work-life balance, and still making time for themselves to emerge as really strong women.

I would truly appreciate any votes and comments that you want to send my way. I started my business as a creative outlet in 2010 after having my son, and being diagnosed with PostPartum Depression when he was just a few months old. It was my release, and my space to breathe while navigating some really troubling waters. Two full years later, Sweet Stella's has become my fulltime art studio, an amazing art and design blog, and has taken me places beyond even my crazy imagination!

For me, the Mompreneur Award of Excellence isn't about competing with other mompreneurs for a top prize. It's about taking stock in what I have accomplished, and being a part of a really powerful movement. It's about recognizing that you can strike a balance between work and family, and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

So please, cast a vote once a day until January 31st, be it for me or another mompreneur that you believe in.