Get It Together Challenge with Manilla

Are you slacking on getting organized? Need a boost in getting your act together?

This year, I challenge you to Get It Together with Manilla! I am so proud to be a partner in this challenge, and know that it will be the boost you need to get, and stay organized.

What is the Get It Together Challenge? It's an opportunity to streamline your accounts with Manilla and get everything connected in one place. An easy peasy way to get organized, and Get It Together!

Once you're all organized and registered, happily all in the secure world of Manilla, you can enter in to win the I Got It Together Grand Prize...consisting of a $2,500 Grand Prize! Amazing! A shopping spree at Pottery Barn {get your home together!}, at Sports Authority {get your fitness together!} and Ann Taylor {get your look together!}, along with partner prizes, including a $100 gift certificate for a custom piece of art from me!

January 1st is the perfect time to Get It Together with Manilla! Kick start your resolutions and goals, and have the opportunity of a lifetime to win the grand prize!

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated to write this post. I am on the expert panel at Manilla and wanted to share this amazing opportunity with you as one of their partners.