New Year New Me, Recovery Week

Oh Recovery Week...I thought that it was going to be easier than the rest. One thing that I have definitely learned in this whole BeachBody Challenge and doing Insanity is that it never gets easier, you only push your body harder.

While the moves on recovery week were a little slower, more focused on the core and strengthening your balance and centre, it was still really difficult! By the end of the week, I could get through the hip burners with only having to stop once, but my oh my! If you've had a baby and had your hips spread, be prepared for them to almost seize when you're doing the hip burners! It did not feel good, but nevertheless, I pushed through.

Another thing I learned this week was about fueling my body properly. Going into month two (Day37 today! woot!) I knew that I was going to need more fuel, but I didn't realize just how much. {ps: I'll share some of my favourite meals next week to fuel your body for these crazy workouts}

That's right...on Day36 of Insanity, I faced not only the fit test (450cal) but also my first max interval circuit (800+cal). Insanity sure lives up to its name! Pushing through was incredibly difficult, and I may have ended up in a pile of sweat on the kitchen floor, but I am SO happy with my fit test results!! I even beat Tanya the Machine (if you've done or are doing Insanity, you know exactly who I'm talking about...and have a love/hate relationship with her as well) on one of the moves! Even my coach Dara was impressed!

See!? You CAN do it! It's totally possible to get better, to focus and to challenge yourself. This isn't about anyone but me, and I know that I can do it; I'm already over halfway there!

Oh and the -3lbs weight loss over the week isn't too shabby either.

How are YOU challenging yourself to get fit and focus? Link me up in the comments!

Beachbody Coach, Dara Distel
*Disclaimer: I am provided the Shakeology shakes by my Beachbody coach Dara Distel for the purposes of getting healthy, and blogging about the product.