What's in a Brand?

January is full of new things, and one of them is a monthly branding series, brought to you by my branding specialists at TPH Canada and featuring my new branding from designer Tiffany Kuehl Designs.

Mapping out what you want your brand to say can be a really difficult thing. Are you...


None of the above?

How you position your brand visually has everything to do with how you want to be perceived in the market place, and how you want people to view you as the face of your brand.

Take my BlogHer12 cards, for example. front and back, I wanted my branding to scream artistic.

I wanted the cards to represent who I am as an artist, with all of the blogging information on the back, as well as a photo of myself to jog peoples memory.

So, look at your current branding. What does it say? Does it portray an accurate reflection of your brand and who you are as an entrepreneur?

No? Then it's time to consider rebranding, and getting new materials printed with the experts at TPH Canada! Their experts can ensure consistent branding across all your printed promotional materials, and the quality is out of this world.

Next month, we'll talk about leaving your mark with your business cards and the many awesome options at TPH Canada!