The Liebster Award

I'm so excited!! I was nominated for The Liebster Award by Photography by Beverly! What is a Liebster? Well, it's a shout out to blogs with less than 200 public followers, who are interesting...quirky...awesome to read.

The Rules 
- Each blogger that is nominated must post 11 things about themselves
- Answer the 11 questions that the blogger who nominated them asked
- Nominated blogger creates 11 new questions to ask the bloggers they nominate
- Choose 100 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate, link them in the post
- Notify the nominees of their award
- No tag backs!

And away...we go!

1. Blogging started for me way back in 2009 when we got pregnant - It was an easy way to update our family and friends about what was going on in our pregnancy since we are all miles apart.
2. My very first job was at Wendy's. I was a super start sandwich maker!
3. I absolutely love a beautiful clutch, preferably one with a wristlet.
4. My Dad passed away in 2005 and while I know that my son met him, he sure seems to know who Grandpa is and has a very strange love for all Beatles music {my Dad's favourite}. He also loves to drum {my Dad was a drummer} and can keep the beat even at 2 1/2 years old.
5. My big-time artistic goals are to have 2-3 gallery exhibitions per year, every year.
6. I have lost, and kept off, over 40lbs since having my son in 2010.
7. I hate wearing socks, unless with sneakers to the gym. More often than not, you will see me with ballet flats and no socks...even in December.
8. My favourite wine is Kim Crawford Savignon Blanc.
9. My hair used to be 1" joke {thanks, Mom}
10. I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression when my son was 6 weeks old, and now two years later...I still have moments, but use my art to heal.
11. Snuggling with Owen in Daddy's chair is absolutely my most favourite thing in the world.

And here are Beverly's questions!

1. Do you have a hobby, other than blogging? If so, what is it?  Party planning, HANDS DOWN!
2. How long have you been blogging? Since 2009, and professionally since 2010.
3. In you own opinion, are you a success? If you think so, how? Yes! absolutely! I've recently had some amazing opportunities with DecoArt Inc. and I consider that a huge success.
4. Where are you originally from? Do you still live there? I was born in Ingersoll, Ontario, and raised in Sweaburg, Ontario. Now, I live about 40 minutes from there.
5. What is your favourite food? oh gosh...any that I didn't have to make, specifically desserts.
6. Do you have any kids? If so, how many? What are their names? I do! He's 2 {and a half} and his name is Owen.
7. What is your favourite designer brand? I love custom clothing by Kristine Cook Designs, and textile bags by Tina Dean Designs.
8. What are your career goals? 2-3 gallery exhibitions per year!! Headed in the right direction.
9. What is your favourite type of music? Anything I can sing to!
10. What is your inspiration. Why? I find inspiration in the strangest of places...a puddle, my son's rubber boots, a song, cloud formations...really anywhere!
11. Would you rather be burning up hot, or freezing cold? Cold! I'd rather layer up with cozy blankets, knitted slippers, and my snuggle Bear {Owen}.

Annnnddd...{hanging in there? Have another glass of wine!} here are my 11 questions for my nominees!

1. What is your favourite holiday tradition?
2. What is your favourite movie from your childhood?
3. Do you have any pets? How many? What are their names?
4. Do you consider yourself *green*? What do you do to be eco-friendly?
5. Do you love your home?
6. What is your go-to night-on-the-town outfit?
7.  What is your favourite appetizer to serve guests?
8. If you could have a dream vacation, where would it be?
9. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
10. Do you believe in paying it forward?
11. What was your first ever blogpost about?

Want to know their answers? Go check them out!

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Whew!! I hope you made it this far, and if you did...two big thumbs up!