Mompreneur Monday: Balanced Mompreneur

I am a work life balance coach for mompreneurs. It is my passion to help other moms that run businesses to create greater work life balance by mastering time management, creating a mindset for success, creating meaningful and strong relationships and creating a rock solid life plan to keep them grounded and focused on achieving their goals. I do this through my signature program 360 degree coaching that takes my clients through a systematic approach to finding solutions tailored to them that create greater balance in their lives so that they can reduce stress, do more in less time and take time for themselves. I kind of came by it naturally by experience and through my passion for helping others. I have always dabbled in running a business and have had to juggle my career with having children throughout the years. 

When my children were very small  I began to create systems and methods to simplify my life out of pure necessity. Over the years I have honed these skills  to suit my needs. Being a mom was very important to me so my priorities were to be there for my children when they needed me. I still wanted to pursue a rewarding career but not at the expense of my children. I wanted to have it all, and I did. I stayed home with them when they were little, freelancing as a makeup artist and running a salon out of my house. It wasn´t always easy but through the struggle of mile high laundry, endless snacks and constant fighting ( or so it seemed some days) of the kids I made it work. 

Many years passed and I ended up finding myself unemployed for the first time in my life. I had just gone through a divorce, lost a job due to recession that I really loved and was on my own for the first time in my life. All alone taking care of 4 kids. I felt betrayed by my employers and decided to turn that feeling around and do something good with it. I had been searching for coaching schools for many years but for some reason had never really found anything that I liked. This time was different. Almost immediately I found a school that I knew was perfect for me. I enrolled and started my journey of becoming a coach. Coaching was everything I was looking for in a rewarding career. It allowed me to help others, to grow and evolve as a person and work from home so that I could be available for my children and have a flexible schedule. . I am very passionate about what I do and have to be careful to keep a healthy balance between working and family. I do this in a few ways. I create schedules and schedule in time with the kids, I make sure to be available to them when they need me, I make a point of using the time I am with them to be present when I am with them. I have also made sure to teach them over the years the importance of being part of the family. 

That means that everyone has to do their share. When they were very little that meant learning to be independent, helping with simple chores and being autonomous. Now it means helping around the house, cooking, notifying me where they are and what is going on and taking care of their school work and rooms without being asked. When they were really little they learned that if mom had a client then they had to play by themselves, now they know if I am working or have a client they need to wait, but they are ok with that. I think that my children have learned a valuable lesson from having a mother that is a mompreneur or at least I would hope so. They have learned that nothing is impossible, that you can have a job that inspires and excites you, that you can choose how your life plays out and what you want to have in the future. 

I think that an entrepreneurial mentality is one of no limits. I would like my children to feel confident that they can reach their goals, that they can reach high and that they can create the life they want. I want them to be part of the population that believes they create their life rather than that life happens and that their only option is to react to it. I hope to teach them to believe in themselves and their dreams so that they can live a life of their own making and enjoy it to the fullest. I want them to dream and then have the courage to go get it.

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Drifa Ulfarsdottir CPC , founder and CEO of Balanced Mompreneur is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in work life balance and a member of ICF. She helps busy mompreneurs stop the tug of war between their families. By using her simple solutions mompreneurs can find more time for themselves, their families and their business so they become better mothers, wives, sisters,daughters friends and business owners
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