Grumbacher Black Diamond and Academy Brushes

Oh how I love new art supplies!

If you are in need of new brushes {for paint, that is}, I highly recommend the Grumbacher Academy Multimedia and Black diamond brushes.

First and foremost, I love the way that they fit in your hand. The sleek black handles have a textured rubberized finish on them, so you don't have to worry about your paintbrush getting away from you while you're painting. They're light weight and easy to manouever, which is a huge bonus if you're working on a large piece.

The Academy brushes are amazing for blending colours together. They're so soft and really blend the colours in a beautiful way. The end result, even with acrylics, is a highly blended painting.

Now, the difference that I found between the Black Diamond and the Academy brushes were the coarseness of the bristles. The Black Diamond bristles were coarser, which lends well to detail work and hard lines when you want to work contrast into your piece. The Academy brushes blend it all beautifully together and soften those lines.

The round brushes are perfect for small strokes and detail work. While made with the same soft bristles in the Academy line, since they are are smaller they work to highlight certain areas of your painting.

All in all, these paintbrushes are by far the best ones that I have used in a very long time. My favourite feature is the rubberized handle, and I most definitely have a new favorite brush in the large round blending brush!

*I was provided these brushes and paints by Grumbacher Art for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.