Avent Calendars...on sale NOW!

Last year, I was in search of a more whimsical advent calendar for our mantle.

By handpunching circles out of cardstock and stringing them on ribbon, I've created some really beautiful advent garlands.

Then with coordinated papers, pouches are attached to the back for you to slip in little notes for activities to do as a family! our notes last year were things like "Pictures with Santa", "Go See Happy Feet2", "airplane rides" and "pick up mommy at the airport" {since we were on holiday in Florida}

Advent garlands are now on SALE for the season!!Originally $21.99, now on sale for $15!

Currently in stock, I have icy blue tones with metallic grey, brown and bronze, brown and green, and whimsical pinks. That being said, a custom advent garland can always be created, at no extra charge .

Order today to ensure December 1st delivery!