Grumbacher Academy Acrylics

As we all know, I have a deep and profound love of acrylic paint. The viscosity, the building of all has a very special place in my heart, so when this box of gorgeousness arrived from Grumbacher at my door, it was like Christmas morning.

I had a project in the works, two large painted glass ornaments, and I wondered how the acrylics would do on a rather nontraditional surface. Acrylics, typically, are used on canvas or board {at least in my studio} but the results on glass were exactly what I was looking for.

First, I mixed the Cadmium Yellow and Ultramarine to get  really awesome forest green colour. I was really impressed that while the paint is nice and thick, it comes out of the new plastic tubes very easily. The paint blended really well together, another bonus since some acrylics resist one another and never fully mix.

Next, I went to town with the small angled brush {stay tuned for a full brush review next week} to paint my ornaments.

I was really impressed with how the paint held up. I've found in the past that layering with wet acrylics either means that you need a tonne of paint, or that you're setting yourself up for frustration as when you paint one layer over another typically the underlayer wipes away. Not with the Grumbacher Academy Acrylics. They are so nicely buildable, I was able to create such dimension and depth in the trees.

All in all, these acrylics are top notch. I really enjoyed using them, and would highly recommend putting a tube or two of the new Academy Acrylics under the tree for the artist in your family this holiday season!

disclosure: I was provided the Grumbacher Academy Acrylic and brushes by Grumbacher for the purposes of doing a review post on my blog.