Grandparent Gifts with DecoArt

I've been trying to find the right time of day to take photos of the amazing gifts that Owen and I have created to go under the Christmas tree for the grandparents this year. Today, I finally got the perfect photos!

Grandparents love getting crafty projects from the grandkids, especially at Christmas, so when I figured out that two foot prints will make a heart, off we went to my art studio with my Americana acrylics and two blank canvases to see what we could do.

The results were amazing. Nana's home is very earthy and trendy. Her colors are taupe and black, so whenever I can use those tones in a painting, I know that she will be happy to put it up on her wall. For this project, I used Americana Fawn, Black and Raw Sienna, blended them with a dry brushing technique in the background, then let the fluidity of the paint speak for itself in the foreground.

Once it was dry, Owen got to get messy with the Crimson.

Buckled into his high chair {how else do you get a 2 year old to cooperate?!}, we stamped his feet in the bottom right hand corner to make a heart.

For the second piece {for my mom}, we left the canvas white and stamped  his little feet in the corner.

The Americana paint worked so well for this project. It is light weight, covers evenly and has rich color tones to choose from. There are so many different applications and techniques that work well with this medium as well; sponge, stippling, dry brushing, glazing and washes....just to name a few!

Stay tuned for more awesome DecoArt Projects!

* I purchased the Americana paints and canvases needed for these projects, and received no compensation from DecoArt to complete them. I did receive product from DecoArt, for other projects that have yet to be published to the blog. These opinions and views are that of my own.