Achieving Balance through Art and Design

A couple of months ago, I was asked to create a leaflet for the Argyle Art in the Park with something informative.

I got thinking about the elements and principals of art. Way back in highschool, these were things that our studio teacher Mr. Flink would drill into our brains, and little did I know how much I would use them later in life in my professional career.

Every day in my studio, I think about contrast, line, movement, space and form.

I strive to use these principals to create a balanced design, albeit a less traditional form of balance. You'll see that many of my paintings are weighted to one side, be it the top, left, right or bottom. I use contrasting colours to offset the weight, dry brushing with drips and am conscious of the space within the painting itself {ie: background, middle ground, foreground...creating layers for depth}.

Feel free to use the leaflet to become educated in the elements and principals of art...hopefully it will help you understand what an abstract artist does and that it not just all haphazard design.