Thanksgiving Prep!

This weekend, as with the past few years, we're going to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our family While we are small, we have big appetites!

What's going to save me this year?

The crockpot.

Very simply, the best thing ever when you have a group of people to feed and not all of the time in the world {read: mom to a toddler, working fulltime from home, showing in galleries, with an online shop}.

I think these will go over beautifully for a side dish for dinner!

Potatoes, cheese, green onion and bacon.

Yes...bacon. Really, what more would they need?

Oh, I guess a turkey, but that will be in the oven for a few hours...these in the crock dessert done the day or so before...looks like I'll have time to spend in my studio being thankful for my beautiful surroundings and the ability to paint!