Last Minute Halloween DIY

Did you remember a trick-or-treat bag for your little one?? No worry...I'm here to help! Here's a quick an easy DIY that will cost you under $3 to make, and something that they can use year after year!


Canvas bag (black or white, $1.00 at Michaels)
White felt ($0.49/sheet at Michaels)
White paint (I already had this on hand, but $1.40 for a tube of craft paint at Michaels)

Step 1:

Trace out a ghost in the shape of your choosing from the felt.

Step 2:

Cut out said ghost

Step 3:

Glue ghost onto the bag

Step 4:

Paint "BOO!" onto the bag using your craft paint

Step 5:

Let dry

Voila! Easy, peasy Halloween trick-or-treat bag that they can use to store their goodies!

Pumpkin (white or black bag, orange and green felt, green paint for tendrils)
Skeleton (black bag, white felt, white paint for slogan)
Bat (white bag, black felt, paint colour of your choice for decoration)

Have older kiddos? Get them in on the project, and test their creativity out!

Happy Halloween!