Elements and Principals of Art: Form

Form is probably one of the more difficult elements of art to explain, and visually represent, especially in a painting.

In technical terms, form pertains to the actual physical form of objects within a body of work.

Form may be created by the forming of two or more shapes or as three-dimensional shape (cube, pyramid, sphere, cylinder, etc.). It may be enhanced by tone, texture and color. Form is considered three-dimensional showing height, width and depth. Examples of these are sculpture, theatre play and figurines. Form is the external appearance of a clearly defined area. {wikipedia}

How does form translate in my work? In my paintings, it really doesn't unless you consider the skyscapes

Torrent - skyscape painting, acrylic on canvas

And it most definitely translates in the sculpted work that I do. From pansies and rosettes, to stones and bubbles, clay takes on a wonderful form like no other medium

Double rosette sculpted statement ring