Easy Halloween Ideas from The Original Factory Shop

Halloween ideas:

Halloween is nearly upon us – the night of ghosts, ghouls, and good candy! If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do with the kids, you can find a few of my favourites below:

Hand-made Halloween themed cards: These can be made in the weeks leading up to Halloween, and will be a fun family activity to encourage creativity. You could use photographs, collage, drawing, painting, or any other arts and crafts technique you and your family enjoy (like these craft kits from The Original Factory Shop, for example).

Trick or treating: Fairly traditional, but always fun nonetheless! Dressing up with the kids in spooky costumes and hitting the streets for some light hearted candy-seeking is the most famous Halloween pastime. Deciding what to dress up as and making the costumes is a great way to extend the fun, too. This year I’ll be going for the same costume as the last few years:

Host a Halloween quiz: Unusual, but this could be a fun idea! Why not have a few family and friends over for a Halloween pop quiz. Divide attendees into teams, and quiz them about Halloween’s history and hijinks. Prizes could be awarded to the best team, and games could be played between rounds to increase the fun. I whipped up an example quiz below to hopefully inspire you:

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