Write It Wednesday...The wind whipped through the city streets

So last weeks prompt stumped me while I was writing, but it turned out a really awesome story and one that I think I'd like to continually develop with these challenges.

This weeks prompt fits perfect along the lines that I was writing, the character that I'm developing and I'm really excited to share another passage with you.

Continuing from last week...

Who was she kidding? She wasn't made for this life, wasn't meant to be a house wife and provide the perfect Thanksgiving meal to her darling husband.

She chuckled wickedly under her breath and licked her lips.

No. She was meant for so much more.

The wind whipped through the city streets, flooding her with an invisible sense of urgency. Did she need to go back nd hide the body? Would anyone even care that he was missing?

No...noone would. He was a nobody in the grand scheme of things; just another victim, another person to play the part. 

She stopped to glance at her reflection in a shop window. Her soft red hair was blowing in the wind, her eyes lighting up as if there was a fire burning somewhere deep within her soul.

She tied her coat a little tighter and headed for home. Someone had to clean that damn tan carpet, and that someone just might come in handy in the following days. 

As the door opened to the building, the doorman clutched her forearm. 

"Miss, are you allright? You rushed out of here earlier with such haste."

She smiled sweetly, and looked almost embarrassed. "I'm sorry, John. I spilled the cranberry sauce all over the carpet and Henry was so disappointed in me. I don't think I'm cut out for this house wife stuff."

He chuckled and smiled at her. "Jane, it's just a little cranberry sauce."

If only he knew.

"Do you know of anyone who might be able to help me clean it out? I made such a mess; I'm not too sure where to even begin," Jane exclaimed.

John gave her the name and number of a young tenant who had just moved in, and was offering cleaning services to others in the building. 

It was perfect. A girl who knew nothing and noone. Who wouldn't know any better and that entering Jane's apartment probably wouldn't be the best idea. 

As Jane sunk down into a bubble bath, surrounded by flickering candlelight, she let out a sigh and put her feet up on the edge of the tub. 

That damn tan carpet might just come in handy after all.

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