Celeb{rate} Tuesday: Peonies for Effie

When I got word that I would be designing something amazing and over-the-top for Elizabeth Banks, I was absolutely over the moon. I've admired her for a long while...her wit and charm...her beauty and grace. After seeing The Hunger Game and her spectacular portrayal of Effie Trinkett, I just knew that I had to create something a little over-the-top for her.

This statement brooch measures a whopping 6" in diameter, and is affixed to a large bar pin on the back with jewelry adhesive to make sure that it stays where it needs to be! A white ruffle peony...perfect for the lapel or even as an embellishment on a handbag!

I chose the peony in part because Effie wears fantastic flowers in her hair, and also because it is simply one of the most beautiful flowers around {in my opinion}. It is timeless, beautiful and classic...just like Elizabeth!