Mompreneur Monday: Quirky-Creative-Sassy

I was so excited to meet today's Mompreneur through our weekly #mombizmonday twitter chat, and have so quickly fallen in love with her philosophy that artists deserve some badass recognition. When I got her answers to my little survey of sorts of a Mompreneur Monday feature, I was blown away!

Meet Amanda, Quirky-Creative-Sassy

What do you do and why?

I coach creative moms, who are excited about making a killing doing what they love. There's so much romanticism attached to being a "starving artist", when in reality creative people have just as much right to make a good living as anyone else. But there's a shame attached to it. If tech industries want to make a lot of money, that's okay. But if creative people want to make a lot of money, they're branded as sellouts. So we are working together to eliminate the shame, and stamp out the "starving artist" mindset.

How do you balance it with being a mom?

I balance it with being a Mom, by making sure that I have time frames that are focused purely on my children. I have a personal policy, that if my children walk into the room, I will stop typing/writing/working and turn to give them my full attention. I also homeschool my oldest daughter, and so she gets personal time focused on that. Reading is big for both of the 2 girls...they're 7 & 2, so the 7 year old is learning to read & the 2 year old loves being read to. The 10 month old doesn't care as much, but he gets plenty of cuddle time. Baby cuddles are the best.

What do you hope to teach your children by being a mompreneur?

I want my children to know that pursuing your dreams, is so worth it. I want them to know that it's possible to be highly successful, without having trade it for a family life. And I want them to know, that they always come before my clients. When they look back on life, I want them to be proud of their Mom. Not wonder why I never had time for them.

Amazing! So many of us strive for our kids to be proud of us, but do we ever really sit back and reflect as to what we want them to be proud of us for? I think it's safe to say that Amanda's kiddos should be very proud of their mama!