MaryKay Ultimate Mascara

I received so many wonderful compliments on my makeup, specifically my lashes, while in NYC for BlogHer last month.

My secret? Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara

While my lashes are naturally long and dark, this mascara enhances their beauty.

Now, I'm not a big mascara wearer; I never have been. I find them thick, gunky and, since I wear contacts, they sting my eyes.

That was until I tried the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara. It goes on so light and smooth, but packs such a punch! With just one layer, my lashes were dark and defined...and light. It didn't bother my contacts at all, and I didn't feel like I was wear a thick layer of gunk on my eyes.

This exclusive, all-in-one formula delivers the benefits you love most - long, thick, voluminous lashes. And it comes with new Smart Wiper™ technology that delivers the exact amount of mascara you need for maximum plumping - without the clumping.

See that? Smart Wiper technology! No more clumps, no more mess!  No more pumping and pumping the mascara tube to get your brush covered {which, by the way, leads to bacteria build up and can cause eye infections! yikes!}

At $21  tube, this fantastic mascara is a steal. So many others that are $8-$12, I find, are the ones that I don't like. It's definitely worth the extra few dollars to know that I am getting a high quality product, that won't sting my eyes and that will leave my lashes lovely and full!