Mama's Night Out at the Western Fair, London, Ontario

After a very long week of being mama-mommy-mom to a very busy 2year old Bear, one of my best friends {Andrea} and I took a much needed break and set off to the Western Fair for a Mamas Night Out.

We've gotten in the habit of having an might be dinner, sometimes just a quick coffee, or a movie - but we always make a point of getting out, making ourselves presentable and being something other than mama-mommy-mom.
Friday, it was the Western Fair! 

Sweater: Sirens, Necklace: Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian, Jacket: Jessica
Our first stop was dinner...which translated into a corn dog when I told Andrea that I had never had one before!  We walked and talked, catching up and planning out our future, then got side tracked and giggled while people watching. 

Then the mama-mommy-mom took over and we wanted to go and see the photography display, and see the kids art competition. We were both blown away by the sketches, intricately build Lego displays {Escaped Thoughts in particular...incredibly creative!!} and the whimsical sculptures. It made us realize that our kiddos will very likely one day be able to enter their masterpieces to the Western Fair.

As so often happens, when you're out for an MNO you end up talking about your kiddos non stop, oohing and ahhing over new babies passing by, and sighing at the pregnant bellies. I think part of what made us miss our kiddos was the art display - seeing the participant ribbons and knowing just how proud those children and parents are. 

Memories are made at the Western Fair, and this year was no different. Getting out for a nostalgic Mamas Night Out was just what these two mamas needed this week...complete with cotton candy, beer nuts and elephants ears!