Visiting the Linen Chest

There's a new store in town, and after a little coaxing from my mother-in-law, I loaded up the toddler and headed out to see what the buzz was all about. Boy was I ever impressed...and holy moly did I want to curl up in one of their gorgeous beds for a nap!

The Linen Chest {located at Southdale/Wonderland in London, well as 20+ other locations across Canada} is simply one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever stepped foot in. From the gorgeous registry station, surrounded by beautiful table settings and china, to the large selection of luxurious bedding...oh and the wall of cushions!! Everything is colour coordinated {which makes my artist heart happy!} and stunning.

Immediately, I was greeted by the friendliest of staff, who genuinely were interested in why I was there {hostess gifts...and for a blog feature on my home decor blog - it was great to see their enthusiasm} and helped guide me through the various rooms of their store. It's set up just brilliantly; each room is featured and shown in the most beautiful way to capture your dream home.

I was thrilled by the beautiful selection of furniture and coordinated cushions - something I've been yearning for in my home studio for a design-corner...where I can sit with a sketch book and draw up gorgeous and whimsical designs for my shop. The Nassau chair is so incredibly pretty...I literally squealed and gasped when I saw it. The ruffled cushion sets it off perfectly, and it's just dreamy!

With the slogan of "because it feels good to be home", I couldn't agree more. The Linen Chest truly feels like home in every nook and cranny, and what an amazing feeling that is!

*disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post; I just really love the store and spaces they have created, and wanted to share the beauty with you!