Celeb{rate} Tuesday: Love, Actually...is all around

One of my all time favourite movies, without an ounce of doubt, is Love, Actually. The story lines...the heartwarming tales...Colin Firth trying to speak Portugese for Aurelia...*sigh*

My absolute favourite part in the movie is when Mark is at Julia's door with the signs, explaining how, with everything that he is an everything he will be...he loves her. His best friend's girl...

So, naturally, when I had the chance to reach out to Keira Knightley's stylist and public relations rep, I did just that. I am simply overjoyed to have created a custom brooch for Keira!

I sculpted a black anemone, with a slight gold sparkle; something that she can wear as a brooch or clip to her favourite handbag to make it pop!

And for her amazing stylist, Camilla? The shimmery black gold rosette ring! Its absolutely stunning and makes such a statement!