BlogHer12 Recap: Sessions

Well...this is the post of the week that I admit I spent way too much time in the Expo Hall and not enough time down in the sessions. Bad blogger, I know I know, but the session that I DID go to was amazing and I left with such a sense're on the right path.

Day2 begins!
The session that I went to was morning Day2 with Mandy, Charlie, Jill and Gina - ProTips: Branding and Blogging Professionally.

Now, I wanted to go in part because I wanted to support Mandy, a blogger that I very much believe in and sponsor with my Etsy shop. The other part was that these four bloggers hold a whole lot of knowledge between them, and I knew that I would walk away with a plethora of advice, tips and focus.

The session really resonated with me and I took away two very key things.

1) hire a professional designer to enhance this artsy fartsy space that I love to write in
2) reign in my focus!

Charlie and Mandy talked about projects {ie: working exclusively with a brand...what do you want to get out of the project. etc} and how you want to benefit from them.

Do you want to sell crazy amounts of ad space? Do you want to work exclusively with brands that you specially select for a very specific reason? Do you want to just write for the love of writing?

Defining those goals is something that I walked away with, and started writing in my journal about, but I also walked away with key notes on branding.

Can you read my short hand? Cats would be categories...not kitty cats!'re going to be seeing some changes around here in the next few weeks. I'm searching out a blog designer that is highly recommended by my pal Shizz, and have started looking for inspiration that fits with my artistic vision.

*note: need more Prince on blog