BlogHer12 Recap: Roomies!

I thought I'd kick off my BlogHer12 recap posts with an ode to my fabulous roommates, Shizz, Shaun and Mel.

We had such a blast over the past weekend in NYC. From sightseeing to meeting amazing brands... party hopping to engaging in sessions...dinner and drinks at Bar Americain to late night giggles...your roommates are the people that you spend your greatest amount of time with {note: make sure you pick good ones like I did!!}

Clockwise from top right: Shaun and me, Three Shorties and an Amazon, Shizz and Mel

We're a cute bunch, right?

Sometimes, we did silly things....

Clockwise from top right: Shannon's in the tent at S'mores,, Hollister boys, peeking under tutu's

All in all, we had an awesome time and we kept it lighthearted. We had fun...that's what the conference is all about, right?