BlogHer12 Recap: Memorable Moments ~fin~

There aren't many words that I can write that will do justice to the feeling of meeting Shannon {aka Shizz}

I knew it was going to be emotional, but I don't think that I was quite prepared for the feeling I would get by being around this insanely amazing woman.

Clockwise (l-r): Shizz posing for her Hubs in her Sparklecorn outfit, bloggy bff's  at the 6pm fashion show, me and my tutu, Hot Wheels #boymom
Since we did pretty much the entire conference together, it threw people when we introduced ourselves.

Hi, I'm Shannon.

Oh, hey. I'm Shannon too.

At Queerosphere, we were called

People's Party, Shan 2.0

Whatever way you slice it, bloggy bff's for sure. Meeting this wonderful woman was...well...awesome. I dropped my bags and gave her the biggest hug when I got to our room {yes, I was crying}, and am so excited to be very likely heading to her hometown to visit in the fall, then meeting up in Chicago for BlogHer13 next year.

Shizz and I have been through alot together - blog building, branding, rebranding, soul searching. Post partum depression, formula feeding, starting businesses and having breakdowns. She is a kindred spirit indeed, and I thank my lucky stars that I am fortunate enough to call her one of my best friends.