Who...Me? You want to know...me?

Oh hey!!

A lot of bloggers heading off to the Big Apple for BlogHer'12 in a few days (4 sleeps!! yay!) are doing little intros of themselves on their blogs so people know what to expect and blah blah blah.

So...here goes.

I'm Shannon, but will most definitely answer to Shan, Shan North, Stella (so many people think that's actually my name, totally not! It was my great grandmothers name, though!), Mama, Girl-who-drinks-tequila{by choice!}.

I'm an almost 30 year old mama to a 2 year old little fireball named Owen, and the wife of a loving and very understanding dude named Colin who puts up with my antics and artsy-fartsy nature.

I'm a painter...a sculptor...a dreamer...a writer! I'm a total goofball, but I take things way too seriously sometimes. I have mortality issues, Post-Partum Depression {even though my kiddo is 2...it doesn't magically go away}, anxiety, and have really really bigtime fears about not being here one day.

I keep it real.

I'm stoked to meet my roommates {Shizz, Shaun and Mel} on Thursday. There will be wine...and there will be cupcakes! These are women that I've known for about 3 years since we were all pregnant with our kiddos at the same time. I am...just giddy with excitement to meet Jenni, MrsG, Steph and Kelly for coffee, and cross paths with so many other amazing women like Mandy from Harper's Happenings, Katie from Ruffles&Truffles, and Dee the Cocktail Deeva herself.

I was just telling my husband the other day that I feel like I know most of these women already, especially Jenni and Shizz. Those two ladies...honesty, expect water works when I meet them. From monster babies to PPD...we've been through it together and I've been so grateful to them both, that to be able to thank them in person...opportunity of  life time.

I'm a social media butterfly, I love to dance {so excited for Sparklecorn} and it doesn't take me long to get comfy and come out of my shell. I'm very open about my art, life and PPD so if you have a question, ask!!
Come find me at BlogHer'12...I'll be the one in the raspberry pink cropped pants!