SWH4T$: Pizza Cones on the BBQ

I made these for the campout bithday party that we had last month, and they went over insanely well with the guests. Little did they know...

They took me all of 4 ingredients to make
Took me about 5 minutes to make a dozen of them
They were healthy {shhhh!}

Ingredients: Whole Wheat/Multigrain pita, pepperoni, extra veggie pasta sauce, skim milk mozza cheese {ignore the Iced Cap in the background!}

Step 1: cut the pita in half to make your shell pliable

Step 2: layer sauce, cheese, pepperoni (or other toppings if you'd like)

Step 3: roll into a cone shape

Step 4: roll with tinfoil

Step 5: BBQ just until melty and crispy

Step 6: devour!

They were so insanely good, and the shells were full of flax seed, multigrains and other seeds...the guests were none the wiser! I may even try dessert ones with pita's that have raisens in them...using peanut butter as the "sauce", and sliced banana!