Special Post: The Value of Art

You may have noticed some changes in the shop lately...new pieces, and new prices.

Custom miniature triptych

I've been doing lots of research, and mostly listening to my heart.

I am an artist.

Every item that I put into my shop is one that I have created with my own two hands. It is one that only my brain can process...the brushstrokes are ones that only my hands can do.

Pearl and black dahlia rings, handsculpted
 My designs are my own; they are not copied or modeled off of anyone else work. If a photograph is used for reference, it is one that I took (like for the skyscape journal below)

Monogrammed and handpainted skyscape journal
I've begun to realize the value of art...the value of myself as an artist, and the four amazing years that I spent in the sculpture and painting studios during my time at Wilfrid Laurier University.

12x12 abstract painting

Art is such an amazingly personal thing, and for me...it's something that I pour every ounce of myself into. The process is one of beautiful evolution for me, and I am so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to share that with you.

I am an artist, and I truly truly hope that you love what I do as much as I love doing it.