Let Their Confidence Shine

Setting your kiddos up for success at school {and at home} is something that is oh so important for our toddler to learn. From doing crafts with Mama and discovering our artsy side, to playing ball with Daddy and using up some physical energy...whatever the case, it always is reinforced with high-fives and lots of love.

One thing that we've learned, is to stay consistent and positive with him. We started Owen (now 2years old, but really this is so important at every age!) at The Little Gym in January, and we have learned oh-so-much.

First and foremost, lots of praise can go a very long way. We are always praising Owen with lots of clapping, high-fives (or five-fives as he calls them) and great big hugs. We definitely have found that when he gets a high-five, he's more inclined to exhibit that positive, confident and healthy habit over and over again!

Secondly, thanking them for exhibiting that positive behavior. The teachers at The Little Gym always encourage us to thank our little ones for coming back to the red mat...and boy oh boy, does it ever work!! Owen seems to run to me for a great big hug and I always thank him for coming back to the big red mat, and he gives me the biggest smiles! Now, 6 months into the program, he rarely strays.

Also, encouraging them to be who they are and embracing them when they might not be cooperating is something that is really important in building their confidence. Recently, Owen's had some issues with the big beam....it's high, intimidating and climbing those stairs can be a tricky thing. But...with gentle encouragement, and not pushing him until he's comfortable....he's right up there with the bigger kiddo's now, and totally dominating it!

How will this all translate to pre-school? Well...he knows limits and is respectful of other peoples limits. He knows that when he's not comfortable with something, to ask for help, and is confident in seeking a grown up to get that assistance. He knows to keep trying new things, even if they're scary...which means interacting with new kiddos, saying new words, and meeting new teachers along  the way.

Knowing that he's confident, and that we instilled that confidence in him with gentle encouragement, lots of positive praise, and modelling that positive behaviour is kind of like a little pat on the back for a parenting job well done!

As a member of Clever Girls Collective, I was selected to participate in the Healthy Habits program sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #healthyhabits #cgc