Getting Guest Ready with Kleenex Hand Towels

Have guests coming?

I have had a constant flow of guests over the last month between my son's brithday party, hosting my mom's wedding luncheon and now straight onto my bff's baby shower next month!

How do I get ready?

I get crafty!

This is an easy peasy, step-by-step craft that literally everyone can do (and better yet, the kiddos can help with!)

 Step 1: gather your materials
- wire coat hanger
- embellishments (or leave plain and make it even easier on yourself!)

Step 2: bend hanger into a rectangle

 Step 3: bend hanger to create a shelf

Step 4: embellish!! I chose to get shabby-chic with my bad self and whip up a little burlap bow to glue onto the front, off centred

 Step 5: fill it with Kleenex Hand Towels, books, magazines and more!

Just a simple little touch to make your guests smile!

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I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.