BlogHer Sponsor Love: Michele and Mary Kay

One thing I have learned in getting educated about my new beauty regimen from Michele, Independent Mary Kay Consultant, is the importance in your tools.

Similarly to being a painter and sculptor, the tools of the trade make every bit of difference in how you complete your masterpiece.

Take the amazing Mary Kay brush collection.

The set includes Powder Brush, Cheek Brush, Eye Definer Brush, Eye Crease Brush, Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush and Lip Brush - all with sleek black wooden handles. They are oh-so-soft, made of 100% Pony and Goat you know that when the brush sweeps across your canvas, there is zero tugging, smudging, or damage like other brushes on the market that are composed of synthetic materials and sponges.

The brush set comes with an awesome rollup bag - all of the brushes have their own little spot and there are compartments for your compact, lip gloss, bronzer and mascara. Everything you need, and everything that I will need to put my freshest face forward at BlogHer'12 in just a few weeks! 

I love the entire ensemble. The roll-up takes up literally no's smaller than the makeup bag that I used to have, that was a hot mess to say the least before Michele gave me some lessons, which means that it packs up nice an tight and leaves room for shoes, outfits, media cards...the essentials of BlogHer'12!