SWH4T$: Playroom Printables

So you all know that I've been in the process of re-doing our basement to make it into a playroom.  One of my big projects is a gallery wall with kid-friendly yet modern & adult art.  Pinterest was a huge source of inspiration for me, from finding free prints, to getting options for gallery wall arrangements.  When its all said and done (aka after I pick out the frames and buy them), I'll have spent less than $150 on a complete gallery wall!

I've finished the first step in the process, and that's getting the art.

Most of the prints are FREE, that I found on Pinterest.  I could have been extra cheap and printed them myself, but I'm a stickler for detail and didn't want them to look like they had been printed on my crappy desktop printer.  So, I  uploaded the images to Snapfish and had them printed and sent to my house :)  These 6 prints in 8x10 size cost me $20:

Plus, these 2 typography pieces that I made myself, a'la PicMonkey :)
I got the inspiration for the Playroom Rules HERE, and the dates are all important dates in our lives :)

The most expensive singular element in the wall is going to be this print, which I paid $36 for an 11x14 so that it can be the focus of the wall:

Isn't that just the cutest thing?  Totally reminds me of Jack and makes me tear up every time I look at it :)

The 3 remaining pieces are things I already had in my house:
My dad made this for me when I was in high school, its a play on "Life's Little Instructions" with little tidbits of advice and Daddy wisdom that are unique to our family

Giraffe canvas print, thank you Target $1 Spot :)

Painting by my sister Kellie

And you know what?  Just for making it this far in this ridiculously long post, you get a PRIZE!!

How about a FREEBIE DOWNLOAD of my Playroom Rules Subway Art?  Just click that link and its yours! (the image is sized for 8x10, let me know if you need a different size and I can do it for you all special-like)