SWH4T$: Garden Design

Have you ever had a landscaper out to your home to get an estimate? Have you ever talked to one over the phone about the process of hiring them to install your garden?

I was absolutely shocked with the cost, first and foremost...and the fact that most landscaping companies will charge you $400 just to design a layout for the garden!



A landscaping company brings out a can of spray paint and draws on your lawn!

I honestly think it's the best idea ever...my husband wasn't super happy about it, but honestly...it's so temporary. After two cuts, it's goners.

It was so genius to me...I took a picture afterward and labelled the type of plants that I want for the garden so I can take this picture to garden centres and try to get the best price possible.

*note: Holly will be going in where it says Boxwoods...

Spray paint...saved us $400!