Party Tips Tuesday: Favours

You've heard me blog about it before on Growing Up Geeky, here and talk about it Facebook.

Favours are sooooo important at a party {in my opinion}. It's your chance to say a great big thank you to your guests for taking time out of their busy schedule to come and celebrate with your kiddo.

I've been working on the favours for Owen's party since about January...but they are so awesome, I just love it!

They'll go into burlap rounds, tied with twine and a tag, with...

S'mores cookies
and maybe a pencil if I can find some suitable for the party theme

And let's not forget the parents!!

The parents will be getting...

Drunken S'mores cookies {yes yes there will be alcohol added to the mix!}
Mini Bailey's bottles
and something else that I haven't figured out yet...maybe drink coozies?

I'm really happy with the tags that I've designed...perfectly coordinated in the plaids

Stay tuned next week...the party is this Saturday, so I'll be able to share the awesome photos and maybe inspire a campfire party of your own!