Food&Wine Friday: Creamy Brie Cheese

While definitely not a cheese that screams summer with its melty, gooey goodness, there's something to be said for the colour and texture of a good brie cheese.

It's almost a rustic white on the outside if someone has tried to scrape it off. It reminds me of chalk...which takes me to a place of burlap, chalkboards, hay bales....a rustic vintage glam wedding.

When I see the brie pictured above, I see a rustic cheese board lined up with artisan breads, red wines and brie wheels...just waiting for wedding guests to dive in during the cocktail hour.

I also see a gorgeous wedding gown with a lace overlay....a sculpted dahlia in the brides hair...her bridesmaids with matching dahlia rings...

Layers and layers of delicate petals come together to create it, similar to the layers and layers of heavenly cream that come together to create a beautiful wheel of brie. What could be better at your rustic wedding...not many things, I tell ya...not many things.