Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Celeb{rate}

I've had the amazing opportunity to connect with some incredible people lately...people in high places. shiny, sparkly places...and people who appreciate handmade.

Over the next few weeks, I invite you to Celeb{rate} with me on Tuesday's! I'll show you who I'm sending some work to, and the amazing pieces that they'll can shout it from the rooftops with me...jump on a table and dance...fist-pump...the whole thing!

In March, I had the opportunity to create two gorgeous pieces for one gorgeous women that I really admire and find incredibly inspiring.

First and foremost, isn't she gorgeous?

I am so proud to say that I have painted Lauren a journal, with an antique skeleton key embellishment. The journal itself was inspired by ballet, and her clothing collection. All very flowy, fluid lines and with lots of ribbon detail. Absolutely love it!

Then, I sculpted her a double pansy hair clip on a vintage alligator clip. It's a little heavy, so will have to be worn pointing downwards so it stays put. I just love the white and plum together. So pretty, especially with her California blonde and tan!

Stay tuned on Tuesdays as I reveal more gifts to Celeb{rate}!