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DIY Spice Rubs

My Hubster's birthday was a week ago, and I was wracking my brain as to what to get for him. He's one of those guy-who-has-everything type guys.

Then it dawned on me.

He's also the guy-who-loves-to-bbq guy!!

So...I created six spice rubs and packaged them in spice jars from the dollarstore.

What you'll need:
  • spices (garlic,oregano,onion, lemon pepper, pepper, coarse salt, cayenne pepper, paprika, Hungarian paprika, cocoa powder, finely ground coffee, onion flakes)
  • jars from the dollarstore
  • tags or labels

Using these recipes (which you can download for free!), I created six different spice rubs

Pick-Me-Up is a cocoa and coffee steak rub

Greek Me is a lemon-pepper based rub inspired from our honeymoon in Greece

Spicy Mama Szem is a spicy Hungarian paprika rub

Hot Tamale is just that...hot hot hot!

Wild Onion is sort of salty, be absolutely delicious and full of onion flakes

Mr. Mustard is a medium spiced mustard based rub

Hubs was REALLY impressed and they literally took maybe 20 minutes to put them all together!